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PhotoScape is a free and open-source photo editing software, available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux. Application is a simple, yet powerful application that allows users to edit and view pictures. Software can be use to create collages, paint on pictures, apply filters, much more. Product free Photoscape download has a modular interface. It has a number of tabs at top, which are divided into three groups: File, Edit, View. Files tab contains list of files, Edit tab contains list of photo editing tools, View tab contains post-processing tools. Interface PhotoScape free download for Windows 10 is easy-to-navigate and straightforward. It provides an extensive range of editing tools, with lots of different styles to choose from, all in one user-friendly interface. Interface is based on a toolbar with five buttons that are easily identifiable, with most used tools placed in the middle. Toolbar is resizable, with all tools available in both a single-window mode and a multi-window mode.


Main window of PhotoScape online download is divided into four parts: Files, Album, Tools, History. Files section is used to manage, edit pictures, Album section is used to browse and manage pictures and video. Tools section is used to edit pictures and History section is used to undo and redo changes. User interface is sleek, with a minimal number of buttons. Interface is easy to navigate, with different editing options split into four categories: Adjustments, Textures, Frames, and Effects. Interface of PhotoScape Windows 10 is very simple and easy to use. There is a toolbar at top of screen that contains all tools that you need to edit and create photos. Left side of screen has a photo, right side has tools and panels to edit and create photo. Interface is divided into five sections: Photos, Images, Album, Tools, Preview. Photos section lists all folders on user’s computer. Images section displays images. Album section displays all the images in a given folder. Tools section contains tools user can use to edit images, including tools to crop, resize, or rotate them. Preview section displays images that user is currently editing.


Editing interface is very user-friendly and provides tutorials for new users. After uploading a photo, users can use various filters to change color of photo. There is an option to flip the photo, change orientation, or crop photo. Editing interface PhotoScape app download is very user-friendly, provides tutorials for new users. Interface is divided into two panels: left panel is for editing, right panel is for remastering. Left panel is divided into three different tabs: Edit, Collage, Remaster. Edit tab is designed for editing. Collage tab is designed for making collages. Remaster tab is designed for remastering old photos.


Software product PhotoScape Mac offers a wide range of features for editing, including everything from basic editing tools to collages. Users can crop, rotate, flip images, as well as add filters, effects, more. To create a collage, users can choose from a variety of templates, which are all pre-built with necessary borders and layouts. Application comes with a set of tools that the user can use to edit images. These tools include tools to crop, resize, or rotate images. Software can be used to create collages.


Product PhotoScape download for free has a help section that is easy to find. There are tutorials in help section, making it a good way to learn how to use soft. Application has a forum for requesting features and for developers to answer user questions.


  • When I tap icon to take photo, video, or take a panorama, nothing happens.
    Icon may not be active. Tap icon again to activate it.
  • Why is soft not opening?
    When you first install PhotoScape on Linux, you're granted a 30-day trial period, but after 30-day trial, soft will no longer work.
  • What is the first step to download PhotoScape for my PC?
    You need to open following link in your web browser:


Overall, PhotoScape is a free, open-source software for editing digital photos. Is a non-destructive editor, which means the original photo is always preserved. Was created by MOOII Tech, a software developers company from Korea. Software PhotoScape is a lightweight and powerful image process software. It is a great tool for intermediate users to improve photos, as well as a good starting point for beginners who want to explore the world of image processing.

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